Why Registry Errors Occur?

Registry is the spinal cord and brain of your system. You have probably heard that corrupt registry stands behind a great number of slow-downs, software and system crashes (Blue Screen Errors or BSOD, such as STOP 0x0000007e error). Let’s see how the registry becomes corrupt and what it means.

1.Registry Holes

As you already read, a registry stores the information by using keys and entries. Ideally, an unused entry or key (for example, when you close an application or uninstall software) are cleaned automatically out of the registry. However, often unused keys and entries persist creating pile of invalid entries accumulate within the registry creating and making the registry grow at an inadmissible rate. In this way the registry comes corrupt and fragmented.

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If you are a heavy Web user and regularly download freeware programs, games, music, then your computer is exposed to a high risk of malware attack (spyware, viruses, adware, Trojans, rootkits). Often malicious applications add embedded keys within the registry which cannot the cleared out manually. Such malware-generated entries may seriously mess up your system. For example, the may alter file associations so that you are not able to open executable files any longer or you computer freezes whenever you logon the system. In the worst, malware-induced registry errors may even damage system hardware, cause data loss or inability to boot up.

3.Inexperienced User

Registry cannot be accessed directly through Windows Explorer or edited, this provides a sort of protection for the system. One of the ways to access and edit the registry is specialized registry editor which is included in most Windows OS and is as easy to use as Windows Explorer. An inexperienced user accessing registry editor may damage or remove important entries or keys, set improper values etc, which may totally disable system.

Healthy registry is critically important for healthy computing and good performance of your PC. You can repair you registry with the help of reliable registry repair software, which removes the errors in a few mouse clicks and additionally created registry backups. When choosing a registry repair program, make sure it was written by a respectable, reliable developer and is compatible with your OS.