What is BSOD?

BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) BSOD stands for the Blue Screen Of death. This is the way Windows users call GPL (Windows general protection) fault with generates white text on a blue screen when Windows accidentally terminates. BSOD means that the machine has faced a fault that cannot be corrected or got around. The hexadecimal values (consisting of 0-9 digits and A-F letters) contained in the error message may imply where to look for the cause of the error. The first hexadecimal value is of major importance, it may give the clue to the issue. A STOP error is another popular name for BSOD because hexadecimal values are preceded by “STOP”. For example, STOP 0x0000007e error is a particular case of BSOD.

Anyone, at any moment can face the Blue Screen Of death, Bill Gates is not an exception (remember the famous incident at Comdex trade show when BSOD occurred the demonstration of Windows 98).

When BSOD Occurs?

Blue Screen Of death is generated by the kernel of the operating system, not by an application.

If you encountered a BSOD, in the least severe cases you can try rebooting or do a cold boot and BSOD will not appear again. However, a BSOD means a serious conflict occurred and the cause exists. And unless you search for the cause and fix it, and maintain you operating system properly, BSODs will start to appear on regular basis and totally screw up your computing experience. BSODs can be provoked by multiple factors: hardware faults, registry troubles and driver conflicts (the problematic file may be mentioned in the error text). Repeated occurrences of BSOD mean that your system is in critical condition which requires serious troubleshooting steps. Otherwise, the problem will aggravate resulting in the need to reinstall the system. Data loss is another possible unpleasant consequence of BSODs.

Windows troubles can be explored and removed with the help of special utilities: registry repair programs, memory and other hardware testing software, driver testing and repair utilities, etc. If the system is extremely unstable use Safe Mode to diagnose and repair problems. Safe mode turns on only the basic Windows functions, leaving aside components that may cause conflicts and crashes.

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