Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention issue is always relevant, regardless of getting BSODs and STOP 0x0000007E error. Data is the most precious part of your computer. The term data loss is used in respect of two major aspects: computer security failure when someone gets an unauthorized access to your data (also referred to as data leak) and inaccessibility of your data (files) on you hard drive that requires various data recovery steps, depending on the cause of data loss. The latter case of data loss prevention is outlined below.

Data Loss Prevention: backup is better then recovery!

Always backup important data and hopefully you’ll never need to read the data recovery section of this website. Don’t make a mess of baking up, backup what you cannot replace in case of accidental loss in the first place!

  • Important login data
  • Financial information
  • Digital photos (rare or taken by you)
  • Email correspondence
  • Personal projects (documents, college papers, designs, etc)
  • Any digital products you purchased that cannot the replaced free of charge (music, films, software).
  • Internet bookmarks

There are several backup options: external hard drive, CD/DVD disk, memory cards, another hard drive on the same computer, online remote backup. The latter one is the best option for several reasons.

  • You can access you data from anywhere at any time.
  • Connecting an external hard drive can be a problem for inexperienced users.
  • You cannot backup daily on CD/DVD disks, but you can do online backups whenever you want.
  • You can schedule automatic online backups
  • Automatic online backup can be FREE

FREE Automatic Online Backup

FREE Automatic Online Backup is limited in storage, but you can use the storage amount for the most critical things, like your current projects, designs or course papers, especially if they are updated every day. We recommend Mozy Online Backup. 2GB Free or $4.95/mo for Unlimited Backup. It is very simple, automatic and secure.

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Data Loss Prevention Tips

Naturally, you cannot backup every minute and data loss may occur at any time.

  • Don’t overclock your hardware or do it as little as possible
  • Don’t shut down your computer by pressing the Power button
  • Always have at least 20% of you hard drive storage capacity free! (this is critically important for the recovery of accidentally deleted data)
  • Don’t store important data on a hard drive that displays any signs of the upcoming crash.
  • Don’t expose you hard drive to mechanical or electric damage, high temperature, steam or water
  • Always have data recovery software pre-installed on you computer.
  • In the worst case, a hard drive crash, don’t try to repair the hard drive on your own.